Air New Zealand #airpointsescape round 2 win here!

Its back!, the Air New Zealand #AirpointsEscape celebrates the great 'Kiwi Roadtrip' with a few of our favourite Influencers including @Art_Green , @CarmenHuter, @Courts_Tyler, @BenMikha , @SallyeMartin and @Toravel. Enter to win some incredible prizes here!

A huge thank you to Airpoint's partners Macpac, Avis New Zealand AND Z Petrol for making it all happen.

Before entering here, check out an incredible video featuring Carmen Huter from the campaign below. Head to the following link to enter, prizes will be drawn on the 19th of June 2018.

#AirpointsEscape video featuring Carmen Huter shot by Acorn Creative in Queenstown New Zealand.


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