Welcome to Curator! (its our inauguration)

Its our Inauguration post! and honestly speaking, I can't guarantee that this will be met with as much raucous acclaim as President Trump's version, but we're going to give it a damn good go anyway. 

The team and I have been working hard over the last year to create an offering that adds value in our space, we're not just a 'business' or Influencer marketing outfit , we're a collective of curators,  a social media 'dream team' if you will. We do things differently in the sense that we LOVE what we do before we even consider it work, essentially there is no 'clocking out' we live eat and breathe social media 24/7.  Try wrenching one of us off Instagram for a moment and you'll see what I mean (not pretty). 

The Curator collective was created because quite frankly, in our humble opinion, it was sorely needed. A lot of businesses run 'influencer campaigns' , pay for advertising on social media and generally wade their way through with very little to no traction. Brand's need to be educated , businesses need insight, theres a reason a 13 year old amassed 1.3 million followers on Instagram based on one 'meme'  VS a multi million dollar corporation which struggles to topple 1000 followers at best despite 'influencer campaigns' and sponsorships aplenty. 

Furthermore, as a collective we are well aware of the challenges businesses face on Social media, we aim to mitigate those challenges and create awareness around best practise. As influencers ourselves, its important that we were able to take part of what worked for us and our campaigns, and translate it into a process we could re-establish for brands and individuals. We aren't re-inventing the social media 'wheel' so to speak, we're just letting you know how it spins so you can be successful too. 

We are always learning, collaborating, creating, curating, updating , networking and discovering a few secrets along the way...everyday. Social media is evolving by the minute, we stay on trend and in the trenches. 

Lastly, thanks for coming by and sharing our space, if you are interested in finding out more about us and how we can help, get in touch,or have a look around, we would love to hear from influencers, collaborators and businesses alike, come join our collective we look forward to welcoming you!. 

Lets make Social Media great again. 

Lets make Social Media great again.