The state of social media in 2017, the shift has already begun.

"We’ve seen marketers shift a huge percentage of their advertising investment into sites like Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, and Pinterest,” says Susan Frech, CEO and co-founder of Social Media Link." Show us the money we say! on. 

The folks at recently published a great article on the state of social media in 2017 and where its heading in the near future. It addresses the slew of platforms acquiring new features to promote shared live video content  in 2016 (twitter video, Instagram live, Facebook live etc). However, more importantly for us it touches on brand strategy on social media overall. 

Ask the experts and they’ll tell you that the modus operandi for social media marketers in 2016 was increasingly establishing meaningful connections with consumers. “In today’s landscape, social media has evolved into a forum for users to interact with and find information from influencers and brands,” says Sara Spivey, CMO of Bazaarvoice. “Smart brands prioritize the content their consumers prefer to see—including ratings, reviews, questions, and social posts written by other consumers sharing their honest opinions.

Furthermore the article touches on trends and behaviours brands will be looking to adopt via their socials to improve their ROI overall, engagement and a personal connection with their consumers are key. 

"In the coming year and beyond, social media authenticity may take on greater significance. “Connecting with your audience on an individual and personal level—not just brand—will continue to be critical. Organic reach is declining in favor of paid advertising, and creating enough content to feed your social marketing strategy is an ever-growing challenge,” Pedowitz says.

Brands will also be demanding more accountability and transparency in terms of their investment, who did they reach?, who do they want to reach? and ultimately who is buying. Having great content with a viral impact (ie high volume of likes or shares) will be seen as less desirable as content which has more interaction and engagement with targeted consumers. Brands want to be authentic, as opposed to 'just' entertaining.  

The shift towards authenticity, engagement and brand awareness on platforms has well and truly begun. The initial boom and desire for viral content (fast, funny, for the moment and furious) seems to be waning, and for good reason, brands are no longer prepared to spend unless it resonates directly with their modus operandi and overall message. 

You can read the article in its entirety here.