Social Media metrics and why they matter,

Digital marketing is brilliant, unlike most traditional media, in terms of deliverables, it is far easier to gauge performance at a glance and really understand your ROI. Here are some important metrics that you should consider when measuring success and campaigning on social media.

Follower count -

While the goal is never simply to have a hoard of followers that aimlessly scroll past your content, numbers and growth do matter when it comes to followers. Steady growth here shows your brand is getting it right, and people are catching onto your message and sticking around for more. Depending on your offering, 

Engagement -

So how weird is it seeing a post with 1000 likes and zero comments and engagement, especially in a day and age where engagement is so key in terms of really maximizing your ROI on social media. Understand your followers and turn them into customers, it takes time and a lot of genuine interaction, but the end result is worth it. Forbes has a great article listing seven ways you can really supercharge your engagement via social media, for free. 

Impressions and reach -

How many unique accounts have seen your content/posts, and how many times have they seen it. Super important in terms of understanding optimal times to post your content to ensure the best ROI has been made. 

Social Media mentions/Brand sentiment -

What are people saying about you? the good, the bad and the ugly. What is even more important about this metric, is how you are able to engage and manage the feedback given.  Championing the positive and addressing the negative can work wonders in terms of growing your presence and improving your overall standing on social media. 

Influence -

Last but certainly not least, how influential is your brand and who are the influencers championing your story?. This is possibly one of the most difficult metrics to work with, largely due to the fact that the world of influencer marketing has exploded over the last few years and brands are still discovering how to approach it successfully. Influencers are often the key to initiating your brand story on social media, encouraging engagement, and gaining reach. has a great article on engaging influencers which you can read here. 

Stay tuned as we'll be bringing you more on metrics and ways to increase your reach including some interviews with industry insiders coming up very soon.