Influencer exclusive : Troy Pes talks debut single 'Lo Siento' , critics, and his go to Karaoke tracks.

When your a well known influencer with close to 300k followers, you've got a lot to sing and dance about. Check out our exclusive interview with our friend Troy Pes (@troypes) about his first foray into the music world,

Curator : Troy, thank you for taking the time out to speak to us, tell us about what you have been up to lately? 

@Troypes : Thank you guys for this amazing opportunity, I am very flattered, I have been working on my music as a new recording artist. It is a very fun process but takes a long time to make a good reggaeton song.

Curator : Tell us more about your debut song 'Lo Siento' and how it came about?

@Troypes : I always wanted to make music and sing my own lyrics but never got to work with someone who allowed me to be part of the entire process. The song organically came together as we were playing around with sounds and beats. It was all a very cool fun experience. 

Curator:  Thats great, so tell us what is the inspiration behind your music? 

@Troypes: I love how music can easily make you get up and dance,  but I also love how it can change your mood or feelings. I am originally from Venezuela and migrated to Australia a long time ago so I wanted to write and create a song that reflects who I am and where I am from.  My producer (@elosimons) and I thought a reggaeton beat was the perfect ingredient to associate my music with my background.

Curator: How would you describe your style and sound as an artist?

@Troypes: I am currently into tropical house with a bit of latin urban feel to it. I would also love to venture into R&B and pop down the track.

Curator: Sounds great Troy. Most people will know you for your impressive social media following do you feel there will be any difficulties transitioning into or pursuing music being an established online personality already?

@Troypes : Absolutely, no one said it would be easy. Social media has given me confidence as an artist more than anything else. I have learned not to care about what others will think, rather, believe in myself and set my heart 100% into it, and that is what I am doing with this music adventure. 

Curator: Tell us some of your favourite songs and artists, and what would we find you singing at a Karaoke bar? 

@Troypes : I love MO and her 'Final Song' but Lana Del Rey, Major Lazor and Chino Y Nacho have a place in my top five too.  Karaoke bars are so much fun, I'd sing from Justin Bieber to Britney to Queen. 

Curator: We'll keep our ears peeled for those numbers there!, Lastly any final thoughts and projects we can look forward to in the near future?

@Troypes : I will always try to keep myself around doing new projects and ideas. I am very excited about my career as a recording artist right now but I also would love to get back into acting.

Curator: We look forward to that Troy, thank you for your time!

Listen to Troy's debut track 'Lo Siento' here and be sure to check him out and throw him a follow on Instagram @Troypes