Influencer Exclusive: Mitchell Wick "Be yourself, and know your brand"

In celebration of our Hot 100 Influencer list, we're showcasing and talking to some of our favourite influencers ahead of the countdown next month. Mitchell Wick gave us the scoop on how he went from a telecommunications advisor to an internationally acclaimed model and influencer with close to 300k followers and growing!. Read the exclusive here, 

Curator: Hi Mitchell, thanks for chatting with us. For those who aren’t familiar with your work, how would you describe who you are, your brand and what you do?

@Mitchell.wick: Well I’m just an Aussie Telecommunications technician turned model when I was lucky enough to be scouted whilst on holiday in Miami, USA. I’m very lucky to have such a loyal fan base I’ve picked up over the last two and a bit years that I have been modelling. It's growing day by day and so are my ideas to build my brand and look to the future.

Curator: How important has social media been to you and your overall strategy as an influencer?

@Mitchell.wick: For me when I started modelling, I saw a trend happening with social media and Instagram especially, so I made a decision from the start to give a lot of focus to that and push myself on social media platforms with my work and lifestyle. Luckily its now starting to pay off and I am now getting opportunities from this.

Curator: Thats great to hear, as an Influencer what’s been your secret to success on social media thus far?

@Mitchell.wick: Just be very active, keep up with trends, know what other models/influencers are doing that is/isn’t working, and know your market and what YOU want to represent. I am very picky with who I create content with and keep my page as genuine and organic as possible regardless of the offers I receive, it has to be something I use myself, or believe in if I’m going to work with the client on a campaign via my social media.

Curator: Being genuine is key, we totally agree with you on that one. Tell us your craziest/scariest or weirdest social media experience so far?

@Mitchell.wick: Lets just say it’s a weird and scary world out there at times!, people seem to think they can say/do whatever they like behind a computer screen and get away with it. Apart from the craziness behind the scenes, I have had a lot of amazing and genuine messages from all over the world from fans with their support. Its so nice to hear people appreciate what I do , its very humbling!.

Curator: Thats great to hear and definitely something that would keep you motivated as well I'm sure. what advice can you give to anyone aspiring to walk in your shoes as a model/influencer?

@Mitchell.wick: Work hard, stay active and on trend, be YOURSELF and know your brand and what your working towards!

Sound and simple advice!, Lastly...we love @themadlifestyle on Instagram, what inspired this and any other projects we can look out for in the near future?

@Mitchell.wick: It’s a little side project myself and Dan O’Keefe another male model from Sydney started to showcase some of the things we appreciate including fitness and travel, we throw a few tips and tricks in along the way, just a bit of fun really!. 

Curator: We look forward to more adventures on there!, thank you for your time Mitchell.

Be sure to follow Mitchell on Instagram here and look out for him on our upcoming Hot 100 Influencer countdown!.