Influencer Exclusive: Its All About Acaua...(@acadiniz) Speak's Influence, Dodgy DM's, and Social Media.

Acaua Diniz (we challenge you to pronounce that correctly) In an influencer sense, would have to be Australia's best kept Brazilian social media secret. His effortless ability to project his personality through his content has made him a favorite in his native Brazil and around the world.  He talks to us candidly about his aspirations, thoughts on social media influence, and what his mom thinks of girls following him around randomly in public.  It's all about Acaua after this!

Curator had the pleasure of having a chat with this super influencer over the weekend, read what he had to say below. 

Curator: Hi Acaua, thanks for taking the time to talk with us. Do you mind telling us a little bit about yourself for those that aren't familiar with you?

@Acadiniz: Hi there I'm originally from Brazil, I moved to Sydney 2 years ago, I saved up some money and moved from my country to learn English and follow my dream of becoming an actor. I wasn’t 100%  sure as to what I was going to do when I got here, but I wanted to do everything I could to make my dream happen. I was signed to Chadwick (modelling agency) and have been with them ever since. I primarily model, but eventually, I hope this leads to my dream and goal of acting and being on screen. 

Curator: You’ve done very well as a model and a social media influencer (100k plus followers and counting), what do you feel has helped you stand out and be successful thus far?

@Acadiniz: Good question, I guess it's to do with personality, it's how you dress, your attitude, how you present yourself overall. How you express yourself throughout pictures is very important, people want to follow your story and it's very humbling to know they want to be a part of my journey.

Overall, I have more followers in South America, Europe, and Brazil, however, I am working on expanding my following in Australia. I want to work on gaining more followers here as it will help me with the work I do as a model and potentially as an actor. I don’t know many people in Sydney, so establishing myself here is a big focus of mine going forward.

Curator: Thanks Acaua, tell us how important social media has been to you in your field of work?

@Acadiniz: Companies care about how many followers models have, they want their brand to be seen and heard. It’s a huge help because it increases the brand's exposure so it's been very important for me in regards to landing work and maintaining good working relationships with businesses.

Curator: Have you had any negative experiences on Social Media at all? And as an influencer how have you handled these?

@Acadiniz: Generally, it's been great and a positive experience, however, you do get some weird DM’s at times. I get questions about my diet, gym routine, clothing etc, but on the weirder scale, I do occasionally receive a naked picture via DM which can be funny. When you’re in the public eye and an influencer it’s a bit strange, but it's nothing that bothers me at all. Unfortunately however once my Instagram account was hacked, I lost over 10,000 followers and my handle (Instagram name) for good. It took a few days to get my account back thanks to some contacts I had made but to this day they are still attempting to hack my account.

Curator: What are the main differences you’ve noticed between social media in a market like Brazil vs here in Australia?

@Acadiniz: The impact of social media in Brazil is huge, I’ve had younger girls follow me around in shopping centers while out with my mom. It was a very funny experience, however here in Australia, it’s a little less hectic. Brazilians are very passionate on social media and it's interesting to see the differences between both countries too. 

Curator: That's interesting to know, speaking of Brazil, how does your family back home feel about your success on social media? 

@Acadiniz: My mother is super proud of me, she keeps clippings of my magazine articles and screenshots everything! She always keeps up with what I'm doing. My brother eventually wants to come to Sydney too, I want to save some money to get him over here so that he can experience Australia as well. I know it’s a great opportunity for him so I really look forward to helping him. My family is really everything to me.

Curator: I am sure your mother will be super proud of this interview too!, Lastly, and only because it's relevant, what are your top tips for taking a killer selfie?

@Acadiniz: (laughs) My biggest tip definitely is natural sunlight, find your best angle, alternatively, you can take a great selfie in the mirror. Don’t forget to smile and dress well too!. It's all about the angles my friend!

Curator: We will hold you to those tips Acaua!, Thank you so much for your time and all the best with your career going forward. 

Be sure to follow Acaua at @acadiniz on Instagram here and we look forward to seeing him on our Top 100 Influencer Countdown soon!.