Forbes Discusses Why 'Most' Social Media Campaigns Fail. recently lifted the lid on why most social media campaigns are falling flat despite an increase in effort and investment across the board. A must read for all campaign creators,

John Rampton a contributor at recently penned an interesting article which totally caught our eye and resonated with us. The article discusses a few key mistakes businesses are making in terms of managing social media campaigns and facilitating growth on said accounts. 

The article sites their suggested key reasons for failure and a recurring theme seems to be a lack of a true connection in terms of engagement with their target audience, and a failure to manage their accounts in accordance.

Rampton writes, "Everything that you do, or want to accomplish, on social media should be based on the values of your business. This not only guides your content and business objectives on social media outlets, but it can also generate some buzz about your brand since you’ve also already identified your target audience and are aware of their wants and needs."

Further confirming that the content you create should always be true to your underlying values and message as a business. 

"People are not focused on where their market is. Before starting anything online, you need to have a strategy down pat to go after your target market. By spending time identifying target audience, crafting a message, and choosing the correct outlet, you can save a lot of time, energy, and frustration by doing it this way. A lot of people who fail using social media, I bet, are not spending enough time on strategy.”

In an almost backwards way, a lot of businesses have focused on content creation before truly finding out who their target audience is and what it is they are about on social media. Statistics are a fantastic thing to have, however understanding your market at a visceral level will service you far better on social media. I feel going forward businesses are going to have to ramp up the conversations they're having with their audience and truly get to know their customers on a level that they never have before. Forbes captured this perfectly I feel and the list of 'do not's' would be a great starting point for any businesses or individuals wanting to troubleshoot any social media campaign issues or failures they've encountered. 

Additional reasons for failure cited in the article include Inconsistency, Misunderstanding how social media really works, Not providing anything different, Shouting not listening, and a Lack of monitoring and measuring. 

You can read the article on in its entirety here.