Find your why...before you try , a surefire question to help you succeed on social media.

Before my clients even attempt throwing thousands of dollars into a campaign, and curating their social media presence to perfection, I ask them this little magical question, and its important you do too...

'What is your Why?" , (Why are you on social media in the first place?) . Sounds easy right? Let me list some of the most popular responses  below, 

1) Because I want to make more money and attract more customers.

2)Because we have to, everyone is on social media now.

3)Our marketing team looks after it for us, i'm not involved but I do know its important. 

4)We need exposure! Its a branding strategy.

5) Our customers, fans and clients are on there so we want to have a presence within that space. 

Logical answers with good intentions, producing less than desirable results.

Your 'why' should never be to simply 'attract more customers to sell more', your WHY needs to be 'To create the most engaging and visually dynamic social experience we can for our potential clients'. Now don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong or absurd with the first 'why' (To attract more customers and make more money, this is your end goal), but the true winners on social media understand their 'whys' are really not about them, its about their followers, fans and customers. 

Here is MY WHY? as a consumer. 

"I go on social media often because I find i'm always engaged, reading , scrolling and 'trolling' (Im not a troll I promise). I like seeing what my friends and family are up to, being entertained, inspired, and looking at great content within my specific interests and likes"

Copy and paste the above 'why' for MOST people using social media on a personal level today. 

As a business your reasons for being on social media need to align with mine to a greater degree than you think. Your consumers have carefully manicured their timelines and feeds with the intent of fulfilling their own 'Why's' to the best of their ability, they don't have the patience or willingness for you to get up to speed eventually with yours. 

To conclude its important to be clear, be specific, and make your why relevant to your end user. Be brutally honest with yourself as a business about your 'why' because your consumers most certainly will be. 

If you need help or would like to know more about discovering your 'why' and unlocking its potential, get in contact, we're here to help ,you are 'our' why after all.