Curator Exclusive : Talking influence, travel, and taking the perfect shot with @Carmenhuter

Carmen Huter is quickly becoming a national gem in terms her incredible photography work and online influence. With a following of over 60k strong,  her Insta bio sums her up perfectly, Adventurer, Photographer, and Sunchaser.  We chat to Carmen about her last name NOT being Hunter, taking the perfect picture, and how she inspires her followers...a must read from a must follow. 

CURATOR: Thanks for taking the time out to chat with us here at Curator Social Carmen, tell us a little about yourself and how you began your journey on Social Media?

My name is Carmen Huter (although everyone thinks my last name is Hunter hehe!), I am 24 years old and I am based in Auckland. Formalities aside, I love to explore. New places, new ideas, new culture, new languages, and so on. My innate sense of curiosity has taken me places. In fact, it took me to New Zealand. I grew up in a small town in the middle of the Austrian mountains. Intending to pursue a corporate career, I came to New Zealand to study Business English, not to travel. Ridiculous, I know... As life would have it, my school went into receivership, and all I was left to do was to travel. So I did and that's when my journey truly began. I studied management at UC in Christchurch, worked random jobs and travelled every summer. Just before completing my degree, I picked up a camera and by the time I was supposed to begin my Master's degree, I decided to quit the dream of a corporate career. Two years later, I am a full-time photographer with a beautiful community on Instagram and a nearly full passport. 

CURATOR: Thats great to hear! , what are some key learnings that you've taken away from your journey? are there any pointers you can offer to budding social influencers and brands wanting to achieve the success that you have?

Before I made my website and began to share my work, I wasn't much on social media myself. This really helped as I didn't get caught in the comparison game. I feel for young creators wanting to make a difference and wanting to share their art in an industry brimfull with noise and ingenuine voices The most important piece of advice I was ever given was to simply create. The rest will come. Create something you are proud of, create yourself a community of people you trust and value, create yourself a life worth waking up for. Hard work always pays off and karma is a real thing, so remember to pay it forward and be kind, always. 

CURATOR: Great advice Carmen, you have managed to capture some absolutely stunning shots along your journey, what is your secret to producing the perfect image? 

Relentless dedication, patience, and practice. Nothing beats the act of getting out there, ready or not. (A quick scroll down my feed will give some great perspective on how one's skills can evolve... haha, no judging please!)

CURATOR: No judging at all we promise! We love how your personality shines through your content, vocal, positive and forward thinking, what has inspired you throughout your journey and what are the key messages you'd like people to know about you and your content?

Thank you! I believe authenticity is key. I deeply care about travel and sustainability. I aim to inspire to explore; all aspects of life, onself and, of course, this beautiful planet we call home.  

CURATOR: Where has been your favourite place in the world to shoot or travel? Is there a particular image you have captured that has been pivotal to your journey?

I never know how to answer this question! My travels across China (in winter, by myself) bring up fond memories. Chinese landscapes are unlike anything I have seen before. I'm headed back to a few of my favourite spots next February and I will obviously bring my camera this time around; stay tuned! 

In terms of a pivotal image, it would have to be one I took at Lake Louise in Canada. It got featured by National Geographic and is by far the most printed. (psst, I offer prints)

CURATOR: That Lake Louise shot is epic! definitely one of our favourites. With social influence on the rise, what are your hopes for the future, and goals for yourself in terms of influence? 

My goal is to build an even stronger community and to inspire each and everyone with even just an inch of wanderlust or sense of adventure that gets them out of their comfort zone and into life. Right now, I am getting ready for a big trip across East and South Africa and I can't wait to take you all with me! 

CURATOR: We have no doubt you will! Thank you Carmen for taking the time to chat with us, we cannot wait for the content you capture on your upcoming trip!

Make sure to give Carmen a follow on her Instagram here  and visit her website here to check out some stunning prints (which you can buy) and more of her incredible work. 


Stunning image featuring and captured by @Carmenhuter

Stunning image featuring and captured by @Carmenhuter

Her widely acclaimed shot of Lake Louise featured by National Geographic.

Her widely acclaimed shot of Lake Louise featured by National Geographic.