Buzzfeed is trying to burst your social media bubble. And we like it.

“We’re all living in filter bubbles, on social media in particular,” Smith said. “Anybody who works in news has spent the last year watching how social media affects people’s views of the world and can close you off to dissenting views.”...

Buzzfeed and Facebook have noticed something we noticed a very long time ago about news read via social media , it tends to be pretty skewed depending on who's timeline your trolling at the time. What does this mean  you ask? Forget the 6pm news when all of your friends are talking about the same thing on Facebook, all the facts you need are right there and they even have shared the articles they've learnt them from...awesome, for the most part. Except outside of those with similar viewpoints to you (aka friends and family), you'll be pretty polarised from alternative perspectives as a result. 

We are all a product of our own social media environments, connections and circles. Our personal hubs of escape and entertainment have essentially become our bubbles, alas we don't venture very far from our feeds for news or opinion and some would argue its beginning to show . As a result Facebook , Buzzfeed and others have joined forces to counteract limitations to our broader understanding and acceptance of diverse viewpoints via Social media, we suggest you give it a read  here.  Talk soon i'm off to get my daily news dose courtesy of Bob from down the road on Facebook.