Brand behaviours that cause people to 'unfollow'.

You've worked uber hard to get that 'follow' to only find out you've lost another ten in the process. has this nifty graph breaking down why Milennial's, Generation X'ers and Baby boomers unfollow brands on social media. A must read really!. 

Millenial's , Gen X'ers, and Baby boomers tend to behave, follow and interact very differently on social media, and its no different in terms of why they unfollow a brand as well.

Based on the chart compiled by being unresponsive is possibly the safest in terms of negative behaviour exhibited by brands. On the flip side, Being spammy and annoying seem to be two surefire ways to get the masses (aka everyone) hitting that unfollow button without haste. 

Milennial's generally don't care if your unresponsive, hate it when your annoying, are turned off when your spammy, not so worried if your offensive, and pretty livid when your providing a bad experience (service). 

Generation X generally don't care if your unresponsive, dislike it when your annoying, are turned off if your spammy, are disgusted if your offensive, and generally annoyed with a bad experience. 

Baby boomers  mind the least if your less responsive, are turned off when your annoying, absolutely livid when your spammy, and despise a bad experience or service. 

Overall the most stark contrast comes in terms of unfollows based on offensive behaviour exhibited by brands. Generation X having the lowest tolerance by far for brands that push the envelope and throw caution into the wind with their content.  Check out the graph below and visit for more.