'Change or Die.' 50 SEO trends for 2017

Our good friends over at Ninja outreach recently compiled a list of 55 experts in SEO (Search Engine optimisation)  providing commentary on trends they have predicted for 2017. A must read for anyone in business wanting to creep up the Google ranks. I've listed some key points from the article which stood out for us, 

- Technology is becoming more intuitive, therefore results will become more personalised and pinpointed to the end user. When I type in Pizza for example, it may come up with a few pizzeria options close by, whereas if a chef were to look up the same term, its most likely he'd find a few more recipes as opposed to points of sale. 

- Paid content is becoming king. There are now 4 sponsored ad's as opposed to the traditional 3 which means organic results are being pushed further down. Furthermore, paid content is also becoming increasingly GOOD content. 

- Mobile optimisation is king, and has financially out performed desktop in 2017...Now considered a bare minimum on most online mediums, businesses are becoming more smartphone savvy, rapidly. If your not mobile friendly, you WILL lose out on a huge percentage of your potential market. 

- Dirty link building is becoming harder, authenticity is key and brands will be 'forced' to find ways to target and interact organically with their key market to improve their search results. Better for the end user, 

- Social media is increasingly becoming an integral part of SEO, it goes hand in hand with great content, brands would be well advised to keep on trend and in 'the know' with both. If your not socially savvy yet, you better be in 2017.

- Quality over Quantity...As echoed above, end user satisfaction , authenticity and quality content will become the benchmarks. Its not good enough to just be involved, your content will need to be 10 x better than the competitions to stand out. 

In conclusion as with most things technologically inclined, things are getting better, faster, and more intelligent. Its no longer good enough to rinse and repeat strategies from last years marketing brief when it comes to SEO. The end user is smarter than they were last year, quality content is now a bare standard for mediocre results, amazing content ,forward thinking, uniqueness and innovation are the torch bearers for success in 2017. 'Change for the better or die' ...Thanks to Ninja outreach for the read!.


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