300% growth, 5% return?...A must read for content creators everywhere.

Venturebeat.com published an article that will turn a few marketing guru's heads, with a few scratches thrown in for good measure. Spending on content creation is on the up, but engagement remains low, its a must read, 

The article which can be found here , breaks down some key findings from recent data compiled by Beckon (a social marketing data platform). The findings furthermore support the notion that not all content, is good content, and if content is king, engagement is almost certainly queen. 

Based on their findings, brands are clearly catching on, with yearly spending up a whopping 300% on content creation , engagement for this content however falls flat at a measly 5%. More from the article below. 

"The report looks at spend and performance data from hundreds of brands, and the findings show some interesting juxtapositions. The most popular tactics, it seems, are actually those that perform worst. And those tactics that do well are simply not being leveraged by a wide enough audience.

“Perhaps the biggest surprise was that the current wisdom that brands need to be content machines is simply not supported by the data,” Jennifer Zeszut, CEO at Beckon, told me. “Brands might be shocked to hear that while branded content creation is up 300 percent year over year, consumer engagement with that content is totally flat. They’re investing a lot in content creation, and it’s not driving more consumer engagement.”

The moral of the story is and always will be to create engaging, relevant and unique content. Low quality content will return low quality results , consult with creatives (like ourselves hint hint) that will think outside the box, to help you drive consumer engagement. Authenticity is also a key factor in determining how consumers engage with your content, be true to your branding but also remain part of the real conversations being had on social media. 

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